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Wishlist Wednesday: My dream farmhouse kitchen

In my dreamworld, I live in a massive, modern day farmhouse with wide plank wood floors and crisp white walls. It would have windows everywhere to maximize natural lighting, all of which would have luxurious linen coverings. The decor would be a mix of vintage treasures (like old pine cabinets and clawfoot tubs) and contemporary statement pieces (like a camel tone leather ottoman and an upholstered living room sectional). Fresh greenery and loads of artwork would liven up the space. Cozy, textured rugs would be scattered around and there would be multiple fireplaces... I could go on and on describing my dream home. Details for every nook & cranny. My favourite room to dream about has to be the kitchen. I love to cook and I love cooking even more when it's done in a beautiful kitchen. One day I'll hopefully get to build this dream kitchen of mine (or maybe Nancy Meyer's will let me live in the kitchen from It's Complicated), but for now I day dream. Here's a glimpse at some of the details I'd incorporate.


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